Our mission is to provide highest quality of services in a creative, ethical, and cost effective manner.


Solution centered methods are implemented in each project. Even though standard management procedures peculiar to SPM is applied on projects, each project is considered unique due to its nature.

The design and construction of a workspace can be complex and expensive. SPM construction experience and established industry relationships helps clients save on budget. SPM saves time by managing all the details too.

Delivering a high quality project requires a combination of pre-set and tested management procedures, enthusiasm to get it right and proud of the final project outcome. Delivering Perfection is our team’s solitary objective by meeting specific targets. The targets are determined to reflect the most critical elements required to provide our clients with a successful project.

On every single job we assess your situation to determine your individual requirements. Combined with the Delivering Perfection targets these become our prime goals.

Perfection may be appointed to a project when:

  • Completed on time – allowing for business to continue operations as planned
  • Completed within approved budget
  • A snag free handover – removing the need for disruptive post-completion work that could impact on a clients business
  • Completed operating and maintenance manuals – allowing immediate and safe operation on the space


SPM has placed health, safety and the environment at the centre of its business strategy. We continuously endeavor to improve our performanceon Health & Safety and ensure that we keep up to date with the latest developments in the Health and Safety requirements.

Our health and safety principles are embedded within our overall project delivery methods which is based around innovative, efficient and effective management. The prevention of accidents is a priority for the management team. The use of simple, but effective safety performance monitoring tools and an in house safety protocols allows us to monitor, analyse trends and proactively target issues.

SPM recognizes that effective health and safety management can only be sustained by having a skilled workforce delivering our projects. We have a strong training programme which ensures that the skills and knowledge of our workforce is always up to date. Using a wide range of training and educational methods we frequently conduct trainings.

Sustainable Buildings

We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts related with all aspects of our business. We take a proactive approach in an industry that has traditionally seen environmental improvement as an unaffordable luxury. We aim to achieve this through the implementation of environmental management system.

We work on improving following procedures: reducing our carbon footprint, Improving our waste management practices, site specific waste management plan which identifies opportunities to reduce reuse and recycle waste.

We work closely with our clients and their project teams to encourage the use of more sustainable materials. In addition, we look at the sustainability of other materials, in particular the embodied carbon and recycled content.

On recent projects we have worked with the project teams on sustainability innovations. We have designed and constructed green buildings with the assistance of our LEED and BREEAM assessor partners achieving best practice standards in sustainability.

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