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SIZE                        9.200 SQM
                               OFFICE FIT-OUT MANAGEMENT
                               OFFICE RELOCATION
                               OFFICE FURNITURE


The brief for Yemeksepeti Park was that the office should reflect their corporate culture which they defined as communication, transparency and teamwork. There was a call center at the company that worked 24/7. It was very important to have a horizontal organization where everyone could be accessible.

Design team proposed an office that was as transparent as possible with many locations where people could just run into each other. The idle elevator shafts were connected to the floors with bridges creating an impressive five stories high reception hall that incorporated all these ideas. Shafts were turned into sleeping/concentration rooms. Each floor was designed to mirror the needs and character of the teams that they were accommodating. Ground floor had a cafeteria and interview rooms, another café area that was connected to the terrace garden of the building was placed in Level 2 along with fitness area and the top two floors were mostly common areas for all to meet.

The most challenging aspect of the project was completing all these various spaces in the limited schedule therefore the design & built method was implemented. Instead of appointing a general contractor the works were tendered by work packages creating savings from contractor fees. Design schedule was arranged so that it would be aligned with each tender package submittal. In addition, shell & core works were still ongoing in the building which introduced an additional challenge to the project.

Our team was responsible for overseeing the budget and the schedule while coordinating all 36 contractors. Having several contractors required close collaboration with client’s finance department. The progress was reported to the client with weekly meetings where as all procurement details were shared with the finance department with additional interm meetings.

Existing furniture was used as much as possible while rest was procured from 18 different vendors that reflected the diversity of each spaces.

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